Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Initiation Into Blogging

Welcome everyone! Welcome grandiose cosmos of the web and all the purveyors of random blogs. I welcome you to the mad ramblings of a woman who wants to put her mark on the world. Granted, we all want to put our mark on the world, right? Why else do we go out and get a job, look for a relationship, maybe have kids, maybe not, get a pet- just to make an indelible mark on the world around us. To know we matter, and have made a difference somewhere, a ripple in the pond of life. If we're lucky maybe that ripple extends out towards the nearest waterway and somehow makes it to the ocean. Wouldn't that be great if my little blog here somehow made an impact, got enough followers and made a mark on the ocean of people out there who want to read something funny, inspiring, thought-provoking and maybe something that makes a difference in the health and well being of their lives? 

How do I plan on doing that? Well, for one I am a woman on a mission. Not just any mission, and no not those spiritual missions most people make blogs about. Though hey, if I can get a little spiritual enlightenment from you, my readers, I'm all for it. My mission is to get everything in my head out of it, and out into the world so that I can make more room for learning. Learning what you ask? Anything! As a very dear mentor in my life says:"I'm a permanent student, always learning, because when you stop learning you die."

Things you might read about here are truly all over the map. I know that "The Dichotomy of Me" really lends to a thought of only 2 sides of me and my personality, but if there was such a word as Trichotomy or Multi-chotomy I would have used that instead. Who knows, people coin new phrases and words all the time, maybe I'll make Multi-chotomy mine. As my little "about me" states, I'm a married woman, a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, a reader, a knitter, a lover of all things nature and animals. I'm a woman who was a part of the import tuner scene for many years, and while I may not be heavily into that now, I will always have a modified car. ;) I'm a risk-taker. I like to defy the odds and I like to feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. I'm also what some people would call a granola eating, tree hugging, save the whales naturist. I want people to recycle, reduce and reuse. I would love it if people made more things than bought them from a big box store, and more than anything I just want to connect with people. If you can relate to anything I write here, then I've done my job. 

I hope you laugh, smile, and come away knowing something you didn't know after visiting this page. I plan to post things about my knitted masterpieces (hey a girl can dream), the work I do as a neuromuscular therapist and how that can help and benefit your life, the little things that irritate me, the ponderous things that make me wonder on the vastness and yet relatively small universe we live in. 

Cheers, and welcome to my life, my thoughts and hopefully my new friends: YOU!


  1. Quinn, what about posting your doggie life? i know you have a dog. i know you will have others in your life.

    and another idea is when you move up to WA, your experiences and adventures in the new house!

    So much more to write about too!


  2. Steph: what an excellent idea! I know that when we move up to WA I'll have all sorts of things to blog about then! I love the idea of talking about the doggies too. Problem is right now the ones we live with aren't truly ours. But they're too cute not to talk about, so I'm sure I'll add that in as well. Thanks for following me, and commenting! I hope I make it worth your while. <3 Q.

  3. Yo' G'ma is supportive of YOU... don't know much about import tuners, but can certainly relate to knitting, doggies, recycling and finding new uses for those things I can't quite part with.. . yet.

    I wish you well with your blog, and maybe it will give me the incentive to re-invent mine
    Gosh! I just looked at it and realize I have not posted in over a year! Thanks for the push, "LOVE".

  4. G'ma, you were my inspiration to start this, as I came across my bookmark to your blog and saw that it had a photo of my first scarf on it from over a year ago! *grin* Definitely time to update yours, when you're up to it, as you've knitted so much since then! xoxoxo

  5. This is great Quinn!!! I have a blog but rarely write in it any more. My business has picked up so maybe that is why. I'd love it if people bought more Handmade as well! =) Can't wait to see what you write about next!

  6. Thank you Mary!! I just posted you and your jewelry as the spotlight of my other blog! I hope you like it/ follow that blog too, and let me know if I can add anything in there for you.